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Eva Long Voyeur VR Porn

Lenght: 02:59
| Added: Jan 14, 2019
| FPS: 30
| FOV: 360°
Eva Long has been dreaming of becoming a model her entire life. She's worked out, toned her body and done everything she can to make sure she's in the right physical form to smile for cameras. She just hasn't been able to catch that big break just yet. Thankfully, she's finally caught the eye of a skilled and highly sought after photographer. Van Wilder (you) is the best of the best, and Eva is willing to do whatever she can to impress you. It is obvious Eva is a bit nervous when starting out the photo shoot. She's a bit stiff, her jaw locked up tight and she's just having trouble moving. She needs to loosen up a bit, but even when you tell her to relax, she just can't seem to manage it. You can tell this means a lot to her, but you're a professional, and you have other things to do and other shoots to perform. So, it is about time you expedite the process and loosen her up one way or another. You decide to turn to one of your favorite tricks in the book. If there's one way to help the model loosen up it is to pull out your big, thick dick. The sight of your glorious man meat always takes their attention and helps them forget about how tense they are. It's a handy trick you've used before. Eva Long turns to see your massive cock and she just stops in her tracks. She can't take her eyes off of it. You need her loose and you need her to move, so you call her over to you. Instantly, Eva drops to her knees and your growing shaft is in her mouth. She takes you in deep. She can feel your pulse on her tongue. She holds it there, somehow able to slide her tongue around your manhood while in her mouth. She knows this is her big shot, and she wants to please you. So she works your dick like no other dicks she's worked before (and, judging by her skill, she has some incredible experience sucking cock). It feels amazing, but you need the rest of her body to loosen up as well. So you pull out of her mouth. Her spit dripping from your bulging mass. She knows exactly what to do. She sits back, spreading her legs wide, giving you clear passage. She wants you inside of her. You can tell by how her sweet pussy already glistens. Eva squirms as you slip your pulsating head into her, letting your body feel her warmth, before pushing all the way in. She gasps for air as you fill her up. Her pussy lips latching tightly around your shaft. Clinging to it. Milking it. You work her over. Changing speeds, letting your thighs slap against hers. She wiggles and writhes from excitement. This is the exact kind of movement you want her to show in the photographs. She's ready. She's ready to really start her photo shoot now. She's also ready for your cum. You pull out of her. Time to take her headshot.

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