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Hot Blonde MILF Guzzles Your Cum

Lenght: 15:00
Added: Jan 13 2019
FPS: 60
FOV: 360°
Julia Ann is hiring on some new help. Mr. Pete needs a job real bad, but Julia just isn't impressed. However, Mr. Pete decides to show Julia just how good some of his people skills are. So, what should someone do when their resume is lacking but they have excellent people skills" Show her how much you can grow in the new job. MILFS know when someone has grown where it counts. They just have a way about it. After all, they've been around and they know when someone is truly worth wile, and guess what. Julia knows you are worth wile. She wore a low cut blouse so as she welcomes you back you can see right down her shirt. She catches you doing it and she loves every minute of it. Care for a better peek" Not a problem at all. She just needs to pop a few buttons and her incredible breasts are out, ready for action. Thankfully her skirt isn't very long either. All she needs to do is ride her skirt up and, oops, no panties. With her legs spread from armrest to armrest you know what to do. With your throbbing and growing shaft out, she wants you to really show her just how much you've grown since you've been gone. Fill her up and let her experience every inch. You are in full control. You can look straight down and see your hard dick going in and out of her tight, wet opening. You can watch her breasts bounce back and forth with every single thrust. You can also lock eyes with her as she looks back at you, enjoying every second she is with a young stud like yourself. Julia Ann wants to feel the power of riding such a young stud, so she pushes you back and hops on, letting you watch as she does all the work. With this view, you can see everything. It is that naughty experience you never thought would come true, but Julia is making sure it does. Just make sure you don't finish just yet. She has a special surprise for you. After taking her in several different ways, you can hardly contain yourself. Julia gets on her knees and tastes her sweetness off of your shaft. It puts a smile on her face. She swirls her tongue around you, bringing you almost to the point of no return, then slides her mouth off. Even though she's already wearing a pearl necklace, she wants you to give her another one. The real one she's been craving. Placing your manhood in between her incredible tits, she rubs up and down, up and down, until you can't take it any longer and explode all over her chest, giving her exactly what she's been wanting.

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